As I have been reading “An American Tragedy” I have been analyzing it mainly through the psychological perspective. The main character of the story is Clyde Griffiths. For 16 years of his life he had been living in poverty, following his parents from mission to mission encouraging their religious beliefs. I have read to the 2nd book but I felt like the first chapter is an important one, because it is the when the reader first gets insight to Clyde’s true feeling about his lifestyle. His thoughts and emotions in this section foreshadow many of his choices down the line in the novel. The scene starts with the Griffiths family standing on a street corner singing religious songs. As the family sings Clyde watches other teenagers walking down the street with their nice clothes and girlfriends. He wants those things, it’s almost as if the longer he is forced to stand there the more anxiety starts to overwhelm him. “He did not wish to do this anymore, that he and his parents looked foolish and less than normal- “Cheap” is the word he would have used…to express his full measure of resentment” (Dreiser 12). Not only is he humiliated because other teens are making fun of him and his family, but he’s bitter that he doesn’t have what other people have. These emotions urge him to find a way out. He first pursues a job at a soda fountain and then up scales to being a bell boy at the Green Davidson. With money he could start to buy all the things that he wants. Having money starts to open new opportunities for example being able to go out to bars and brothels with coworkers. Being in these social circumstances bring out confidence in Clyde, something he didn’t have before but wanted. I felt like in the first chapter Clyde was also resentful towards God because his parents always proclaimed that he would provide for them but he didn’t keep that faith since he was not getting what he wanted. I think this feeling is what influences him to turn away from religion fairly quickly and not stay strong in the values that had been taught to him, because later on in the novel when his “friends” drink and go to prostitute houses he is initially discussed but out of the desire for acceptance he joins them. From just these early instance you can predict that Clyde is going to be a greedy character and that he is willing to make sacrifices in the name of social status.