Feminist Perspective
Women in this story are treated terribly. Clyde finds a resemblance from the girl in the hotel and his sister; they were both left by men. Men, including Clyde, lust after these women, and just see them as a disposable pleasure. Esta gave up her whole life for the actor, who used her, knocked her up, and abandoned her with no money. Clyde promised his sister that he would help her and loan her money so she can go see a doctor, but instead he wastes his money on a girl he is trying to impress. Clyde forgets about helping his sister, and even lies about how much money he has in the first place. His morals are cascading on a downward slope. Hortense comes into the story and uses Clyde, along with other men, to get what she wants. She comes from a poor family and becomes a working woman who depends on her men. This girl has a way with giving them what they want, without giving up to much, and Clyde is getting sucked in. Hortense sees a fancy coat that she knows she cannot afford and she chooses to manipulate Clyde into getting her the coat. Clyde, who is becoming more and more interested in sex relations, agrees to get the coat for Hortense. She plans for the coat to be a “golden ticket” for Clyde, and will “reward” him for buying her the expensive coat. Women in this story are lacking power and depend on men to get the social class that they desire. Some of the women end up in worse situations then when they started, some even lose their life.