As the story progresses Clyde starts to have more money. He buys himself nice clothing to be more attractive and he falls in love with Hortense Briggs. He knows other boys are after her as well so he thinks that the only way he will win her affection is by appearing the most financially stable. For months he dates Hortense buying her all that he desires. I think a factor to why Clyde is so determined is because he refuses to be told no. He thinks that he deserves the best and whatever he wants. For instance in the book he said he absolutely refused to have an ugly girl. His relationship with Hortense isn’t at all based upon friendship or that he likes her personality, it’s based upon how she’s beautiful. Personally I do not think that he is in love with Hortense. It seems more like another one of his obsessions, just like how he was so obsessed with being popular and having money that he was willing to do anything to get those things. Clyde wants Hortense to look good on his arm. He’s infatuated with her status and in turn how she will raise his status. Meanwhile his family is struggling to survive; he gives them about 10 dollars a week when he could be helping more. He also lies to his family about his whereabouts. He says he is working when he is actually out partying with his friends or going on dates with Hortense. This portrays his deceitful nature. When his missing sister returns pregnant and starving, his mother asks him to lend her $50 dollars. At the same time that Hortense asks him to buy her a fur coat. After some contemplation Clyde decides to put his money towards the coat, despite his sisters suffering. Clyde does know the right choices to make from wrong but he lets his selfishness get the better of him every time. Little does he know that all of his behaviors are in vain because he will not get what he is working towards anyways. One reason is because Hortense will never like him, she is only using him for money. Another reason is because in the last chapter of book 1, his friends and him take their boss’s car for a joy ride, hit and kill a little girl, then crash the vehicle. At this instance Clyde is at his lowest point. He not only loses his job, but Hortense, and any hope of gaining a respectable rank on the social ladder.