There are very strong details throughout the entire American Tragedy Book that support the feminist perspective. The women in the book are forced to depend solely on a man to take care of them financially. In the book Clyde is able to pursue different jobs and gets too invited to parties because he is a man and because of his last name. Women can’t move up socially unless they married a richer man then themselves. This was almost impossible because like Clyde the men of the era would never consider marrying someone of a lower class then themselves, because that would just make them look bad. This is proves one way in which women’s lifestyles were controlled by the men. Women’s job opportunities were also limited in the book towards factory work.Dreiser the author went out of his way to describe how all the women going to work in the factory were of different cultures such as Poland, Russia, France, Canada, this helps to prove a broad the range of women with various backgrounds were being treated this way. Women of the upper class seemed to be treated with a greater amount of respect for example Sondra’s name was left out of the trial statements. The women of a poor social class were not respected at all, by the men in the story. One of the factory girls is given a beaded bag by a man who wants to have sex with her if she doesn’t do what he wants by a certain deadline she will lose the man and the purse. This is a good example of a male trying to establish authority over the factory girl. Clyde does the same thing when he gets angry at Roberta for not being intimate when he wants. Out of fear of losing Clyde, Roberta agrees to his desires and invites him to her house the next day despite her religious values and better judgment. She eventually becomes pregnant and asks Clyde to marry her. Unfortunately for her Clyde keeps refusing, he wants to desert Roberta and leave her without any money to take care of herself. This is exactly the same way his sister Esta was ran out on in the beginning of the book, when she was pregnant. Roberta knows that she was only used because as soon as Clyde got what he wanted his actions and behaviors ,such as ditching her and showing lack of interest, confirmed to her that he did not love her and would not help support her through the pregnancy. Women doing sexual favors for men to make a living or to get material items was a theme that occurred often in the book. For example Hortense promised that she would be intimate with Clyde as soon as he bought her the coat. This was her way of getting what she wanted. Another time is when the prostitute explains to Clyde that this is the way she had to live her life because her family wouldn’t take her back. It is almost a double standard no matter what the women do in the novel they can never win. If they don’t do what the man wants he leaves. If they give up their values to have sex with a man in order to get him to stay, the men in the book still ended up walking out on them. And usually the women’s reputation ended up tarnished in the public eye and she has to be humiliated. This happens in the book when Esta’s family hides her away out of shame, and when Roberta is terrified that anyone will find out about her illegitament pregnancy.