Title’s Signifigance
Taylor Hobart
The title "The Doll's House" is a very forward title. The title gives an idea of a perfect life with perfect characters, somewhat like Barbie. This title explains how Nora wants her life to be. Nora wants to be free to spend all the money she can. She is greedy and wants whatever she can get her hands on. She pictures her ideal life as living in a big house with her husband and children, no problems, and all the money anyone could ever have. From the way her husband speaks to her, it seems shes already snagged him. In my perspective, I view Torbalt as being stern but in a kind and sweet way. He seems like he's in charge of the house but is a great big push over when it comes to his wife. Even when he tries to be a bossly figure, he talks to Nora with cutsey bird names like "spendthrift" and "canary". Nora wants her life to be perfect now all she needs is money. The signifigance of the title is extremely evident when speaking about Nora.
Torbalt on the other hand is somewhat relevant as well. Torbalt wants a good life for his family and tries really hard at his old job. He is extremely proud of his new job and in turn lets Nora get away with everything.
The title is signifigant because it represents the American Dream of being wealthy and living well for your family. This makes the beginning seem extremely light hearted and cute. But since this story is a tragedy, we will perhaps see some crushing of the couple’s American Dream.