Clyde is stuck in a lower class of society. His family goes out on the street and spreads the good word to Kansas City. Not having the newest clothes and anything nice bugs Clyde and he wants to change it. His family then moves to Denver and he decides to stay back and make something of himself. He gets a job and gets some form of income with a crappy job. After realizing that he can do something better than being a soda jerk, to a bellhop with more than just money as an incentive; tips, a room for himself, and nice clothes to wear while working. He meets his gate to the world he has been working towards in friends he makes while working. They show him the lifestyle he thought he wanted and he is just happy to not be living his old life of walking the streets with his parents, talking to people about the gospel. As the reader we see the dark path that Clyde is going down without himself knowing it. He wants to change his status in the world from a poor kid with nothing to show all the way to a kid with a job and friends that make him happy. The dream that Clyde thinks he wants is going to lead him down a path of self destruction that he won’t be able to stop. The first book of the story sets up the meaning that Aristotle set up in early poetry.